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Services are intangible and selling of services requires skills which are different from selling products. The intangible nature of services makes them incapable of being tested and validated before purchase unlike the products. Therefore the challenge is to convince the potential customers to take that first stbrochure-pic-1ep of buying the service. Different Customers also seek different kind of satisfaction from the same service. For example some of the buyers of a courier service may seek safety and security of their packages not minding the delivery time whereas others may have a specific need for faster deliveries. Sales person has to therefore first understand the consumer’s mind and hence his needs and then recommend a solution which best fulfils those needs.

Selling of services requires a consultative approach wherein the sales person is a consultant who understands the customer more than the customer itself and offers a sustainable solution. When we say solution, it means a service which is customised and tailored to the needs of the customer. The role of a consultant is like that of a doctor, who diagnoses a problem and then offers a solution.

flow-chart-salesWe understand the unique nature of the services. We therefore train sales teams and the customer service professionals to enhance the sales performance of the organizations and to improve the customer satisfaction and retention. We work with our clients to customise for them the skill development solutions for each of the stages of the sales process which include prospecting and winning new customers to meet revenue targets, need assessment, a winning sales pitch, customisation of a solution and growing relationship with customers. In our workshops we emphasize on building trust with customers, demonstrating credibility to them and delivering value.

 Our Approach

We believe that any initiative to improve the selling skills of the employees will be successful if sales is looked upon as one of the components of the organization as a whole. We therefore spend considerable time to understand the organization climate which includes understanding the nature of interdependence of sales department with other functions, structure of the sales department, the sales processes being followed, revenue goals, profile of the sales staff and also the nature of service and the profile of the customers. This approach enables us to offer such training solutions that are integrated with the entire organization’s goals and work in harmony with the overall systems and processes of the organization. We subsequently identify the shortcomings/areas of improvement in the skills of the employees, after we have studied the requisite skills and the existing skills possessed by them. Our training interventions are then customised based on the areas of improvement which are identified in the previous step. After the training has been delivered, we seek feedback from the participants or other stakeholders to understand if the training has brought about a desirable change in the behaviours of the sales professionals. Through our training interventions we strive to change the behaviours by inducing certain skills to bring about a sustainable change in employees .We also follow up with intensive feedback and coaching so as to enable the trainees to master and apply the newly taught behaviours.


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