Campus to Corporate

Campus to Corporate for fresh graduates in Educational Institutes

Swan Training has trained Business School/Engineering graduates with the sole aim of enhancing their skills and influencing their attitudes so as to help them excel in their careers.

We train Management and Engineering graduates to make them industry ready and also teach Sales & marketing courses which could either form a part of their regular curriculum or else be taught keeping in view the skill reqgduirements in the industry. The interventions enhance the students’ knowledge of the corporate sector, prepare them to handle interviews and group discussions which are intended to assess their suitability for various jobs and also enable them to develop better communication and interpersonal skills so that they come across as mature corporate executives who are capable of sharing the goals of the company they work for.

Our flagship program, “What inspires you to succeed?”, for fresh graduates helps in managing the expectations of the students from the job market and also helps them to realize their true worth. It motivates them to try harder to secure the jobs for which thousands of other candidates also compete by making them aware of the realities of the job market and also by making them aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Campus to Corporate induction for new employees

Fresh graduates  require an understanding of the the culture of the organization, which they join as their first job. Organizations require them to imbibe certain behaviours and attitudes which would allow them to adapt to the organization and hence work in harmony with their colleagues and superiors.  

We help organizations to train their newly graduated workforce on various behavioural skills to help them adapt to this change.



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