About Us

Our  team

Swan Training is run by professionals who have had extensive experience in handling various functions in multiple industry sectors such as logistics, travel, consulting, education, retail, Banking, software development and Business process outsourcing in senior roles. They have experience in handling Sales, people, processes and business operations. They have gained expertise while working in the industry for almost two decades, in Indian and international markets.They are subject matter experts who also speak at various professional platforms and teach as visiting faculty at reputed management institutes, they are involved in research and writing in addition to training the corporates.

Training initiatives

We help  organizations to influence the skills and attitudes of their employees insales-training order to enhance the overall performance of the organization. People are one of the most valuable resources that companies have and the research indicates that world’s many best companies have people as a source of a sustainable competitive advantage. We therefore believe in helping organizations to harness their people power so as to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Through our training programs, we try to transform people’s behaviours and attitudes in the following areas:

  • Sales, Customer support &  Social Media Marketing

  • Sales coaching
  • Behavioural and Leadership skills
  • Campus to Corporate for fresh graduates


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