Swan Training  helps organizations to harness their people power so as to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We believe that people are one of the most valuable resources that companies have and the research indicates that world’s many best companies have people as a source of a sustainable competitive advantage.

Swan Training is run by professionals who have had extensive experience in handling various functions in multiple industry sectors such as logistics, travel, consulting, education, retail, Banking, software development and Business process outsourcing in senior roles. They have experience in handling Sales, people, processes and business operations. They have gained expertise while working in the industry for almost two decades, in Indian and international markets. They are the subject matter experts who also speak at various professional platforms and teach as visiting faculty at reputed management institutes, they are involved in research and writing in addition to Delivering corporate training workshops.

What do we offer


At Swan, we enhance organization’s productivity by influencing the ability of their sales staff to sell effectively, through our Sales Training.We also offer Sales coaching and assist the sales staff by coaching them individually on how to make effective sales calls.



We help organizations to grow their business by inculcating in them the  skills that enable  them to  increase customer satisfaction and subsequently create customer loyalty.




We offer workshops on “Social Media Marketing”, which has greatly touched the lives of people and hence  the consumers. It is therefore an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of  companies  in  Business to Business (B to B) Markets or Business to customer ( B to C ) markets.



Leadership impacts the direction in which the company is led. It determines the organization’s future. We help organizations to develop a leadership pipeline for  effective decision making.We also help organizations by inculcating certain behaviours and attitudes in the human resource, which help people to be aligned with the organizational goals. We do this through our Behavioural Training workshops.  



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